Green breeding method and precautions


Green liquidity is sunshine, suitable for growing in places with sufficient light. If it is in darkness for a long time, its growth will continue to weaken or even bloom.


Lvya is best suitable for living in soil with a certain humidity and nutrient -oriented. It is best to be a moist, humus -rich sandy loam, but the green carrier has a certain degree of drought resistance characteristics. In poor ventilation soil The phenomenon.


Although Lvyu has a certain cold tolerance, its flower buds have poor ability to resist cold. It is best to plant it at a place with a higher temperature that is at an annual average temperature of 16-23 ° C. Before the cold wave comes The severe invasion.


In the long run, pay attention to proper watering, which not only ensures the needs of green water for water, but also does not cause too much water to cause stagnant water. Generally speaking, keep the pot soil dry and water it when the soil is dry. The frequency of watering can be adjusted with the changes in the season and weather.

Pest Control

Green liquid is easy to suffer from curls, yellow chemical diseases, gum disease, plaster disease, coal dirt and root cancer, etc. During the maintenance process, special attention should be paid to prevention and treatment. To this end, we must strengthen management and spray the potion in time for prevention. Once the disease occurs, it is necessary to timely cut the infection site and fully sterilize and disinfection to avoid spreading.

In summary, in the process of maintenance, green, to ensure that it is sufficient light, suitable soil, warm environment, proper watering, and prevention and control of pests and diseases. Only by cultivating in every link can you let the green proud of the branches and release beauty.