Hongshou Gui’s breeding method and precautions

Red Back Cinnamon Breeding Method


Hongshou Gui is a subtropical plant, which is not cold-tolerant. The suitable growth temperature is between 15-25 ° C, and the wintering temperature must not be less than 5 ° C.


It is resistant to semi -yin, and the light is scattered. Do not expose strong light. In summer, you need to place it in a shaded and ventilated place, which is conducive to maintaining the red back of cinnamon leaves.


Hongshou Gui likes a moist growth environment, but avoids waterlogging. Full watering during the growth period, keeping the pot soil and the surrounding environment moist, but pay attention to avoid stagnant water. Watering in winter is generally watering every 7-10 days, and the pot soil is slightly wet.


When planting or turning the pot soil, you can apply some compound fertilizer as a bottom fertilizer. The compound fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can be applied during the growth period. Essence There is no need to fertilize in summer and winter.


Like fertile and loose, good drainage sandy loam soil.

Breeding method

Two ways to reproduce can be adopted. The root method is generally carried out in March and April of each year, and the seedlings are selected for 2-3 years for seedlings. The most common is cutting reproduction. Choose a strong growing branch of the year as a cuttings, cut into a vegetarian soil every three sections, about 23 cm deep, and can take root for about two months.

Note for Hongshougui

In terms of prevention and control of pests, anthracnose, leaf blight, and root width are often harmful. The treatment of the first two diseases can spray 500 times solution of 65%of the Daisen zinc wettable powder, and 3%amufan particles can be applied to the prevention and treatment of insect disease. Hongshou Guiyi is easily harmed by the scripts, pay attention to prevention and control.

The cultivation soil must be used for acidic soil, and the pot is generally changed every two years according to the growth. In the hot season, it should be kept under the shade shed, and the acidic liquid fertilizer is applied every 2-3 weeks, which can make the branches lush and keep the leaves bright.

The room temperature in winter cannot be lower than 12 ° C, otherwise a large amount of fallen leaves will be caused and the plants enter the dormant, and the tender branches will wither. If this occurs, it should be retracted immediately to promote new branches. When moving out of the spring, pay attention to the windshield and blow, otherwise it is easy to cause the leaves of the leaves and even the leaves.