How does Qingli and Huang Li distinguish


Gorgeous leaves

Green leaves: The leaves are thin and slender, and the leaves are tight and compact. Each leaf is relatively straight. The glazed leaves are sharp and sharp. The top of the leaves is sharp and the tension grows.

The color of the gorgeous leaves is bright and green, and the tip and edges of the light will be reddish in the environment of light; if the light is insufficient, the color will become light green, and it will be white in severe cases.

Huang Li’s leaves

Huang Li’s leaves are more thick and full, and the lines of the leaves are unclear. It can be said that each leaf is relatively round, arranged into small lotus -like growth, and the surface of the leaves is waxy.

Compared with Huangli’s leaves, Huang Li’s leaves are a bit curved, and Zhang Du grows around.

Huang Li’s leaves are lighter, tender, and look more tender than the colorful.


Green growth habits

Qingli preferences enough lighting environment, but it can also grow normally in the state of weak light, which is not easy to grow long than other succulent gorgeous beauty.

In the high temperature season in summer, glazes need to shade properly, reduce light, but also strengthen ventilation and reduce watering;

In addition, the gorgeous reproduction can be selected from branches or leaf insertions.

Huang Li’s growth habit

Huang Li likes sufficient sunshine, resistant to semi -yin, and avoid wetness and fear of waterlogging.

The usual growth should also pay attention to proper shade in the environment of strong light.

In addition, Huang Li’s reproduction has the highest survival rate.

Well, Xiaobian gathered you to distinguish between Qingli and Huang Li.