How is moss formed?

Causes of moss formation:

Moss is derived from the development of fungi, especially in dark and humid places. After the spring, it grows the fastest growth, especially after a heavy rain, the temperature gradually rises, it will be paved with the surface of the entire object, and then slowly increase your heights. The same coverage of the same coverage is gradually expanding. Sometimes we can see the surface of the entire pool is green, in fact, because the moss is covered on it. In addition to the humidity, there are places with more bacteria and it is easy to form moss.

Doubts caused by moss:

Although the moss is green, it is not popular in any place. If it grows on the stones next to the mountains and streams, people will certainly be appreciated by the scenery naturally given by it, but if it grows on the inner wall of the fish tank, on the wall, etc. Beauty also causes other troubles.

Moss removal method:

The first is to clean up with unique medicines, or can be poured directly on the moss with hot boiling water, and then washed hard, and it will be removed. However, if you want to prevent it from the source, you must first ensure the permeability of its environment. Even if there is no sun, it must be well ventilated, which will greatly prevent them from forming.