How to breed green diamonds

One, soil

Although green diamonds are not high in soil, sandy soil is the best. When planting green diamonds, potted plants are generally recommended to mix with peat and perlite to make nutrient soil. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the moisture of the soil.

Second, fertilizer

Green diamonds are fiddles with fertilizers. When breeding green diamonds, they generally add farmhouse fertilizer as base fertilizer. After that, they must apply fertilizer for at least two or three times a month. The fertilizer of nitrogen components cannot be applied to a kind of nitrogen fertilizer, which will cause the petiole of the green diamond to be particularly long and soft, without the feeling of standing, so that the ornamental effect will be greatly reduced. The temperature is low in autumn and winter, and the green diamond growth is relatively slow. At this stage, you can apply less fertilizer.

Three, moisture

Green diamonds like to be humid. Be sure to water it frequently, especially in the two seasons of summer and autumn. The air is particularly dry. Pay attention to the surrounding water of the green diamond to ensure the moisture of the surrounding air. Between%, if it is less than 50%, the leaves of the green diamond will be yellow and dry.

Four, temperature

The most suitable growth temperature of green diamonds is between 20 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius, but if the temperature can reach 10 degrees Celsius, it can grow. It is best to avoid heating, air conditioning and cold air. The temperature is best to keep the temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. Under this temperature conditions, the green diamond grows the fastest.

Five, light

Green diamonds like the sun, but it cannot let it expose under the scorching sun, especially in the summer, pay attention to covering some sunlight slightly to prevent the leaves of green diamonds from being sunburned. It is generally recommended to place green diamonds in a semi -cooling or astigmatism environment, but it cannot be placed in a dark environment for a long time. Otherwise, the leaves of green diamonds will also be yellow due to insufficient light.

6. Prevention and treatment of pests

The pests of green diamonds are mainly red spiders. Generally, the air is too dry to cause insect pests. Therefore, it is necessary to spray water and wipe the leaves of green diamonds with a wet cloth. This can effectively prevent the occurrence of insect pests. When insect pests have occurred, insecticides need to be sprayed to treat insects.