How to breed the crane top orchid

Soil selection

1 piece of moss+3 parts of peat soil+1 portion of river sand+4 humus soil, so that the soil is conducive to breathable and water transparency, and you can also replace the peat soil with garden soil.

Fertilizer needs

The growth of the crane top orchid is stronger than that of ordinary plants, so the demand for nutrients is relatively large. Before planting, you must apply sufficient base fertilizer in the soil. At the end of autumn, there is no need to fertilize after the winter and flowers.

Moisture needs

Maintain more moist soil in summer. Spring, autumn, and winter can make the upper layers of the pot soil dry. In addition to watering, it is often sprinkled around it in summer. The humidity of the air is also very beneficial to its growth, but when it is too dry, the plants will lose their previous vitality and bright colors. It will sleep for a period of time after the flowering period, and the water volume must be strictly controlled at this time.

Sunshine needs

Keep light from 2 hours to 3 hours a day, but to avoid too strong sunshine, you can expose the sun for a while in the morning, and avoid the sun in the lunch in spring and autumn.

Temperature demand

The most suitable temperature is between 18 degrees and 25 degrees. If the temperature can be maintained above 12 degrees in winter, it can bloom from February to March of the following year. The wintering temperature of winter should be above 6 degrees. Move to the room.