How to choose a fleshy elephant

1. Learn and understand

First of all, you need to learn more and know the basic characteristics of different types of Vientiane. Secondly, you buy some high -represented merchants. If you have conditions, it is best to buy some senior fleshy farmers. Again, when buying seedlings, try to see the mother -oriented separation from it. It is best to see it directly from the better plants. If you buy it on the Internet Photos or videos when separated from the mother. On the same variety or the same plant, due to the differences in the cultivation season or environment, the same color phenomenon can also be manifested, such as “Purple Vientiane” and “Vientiane Great Purple”. The reason for the “window” is purple. Vientiane brocade is caused by the variance in Vientiane leaves. The texture in the leaves is irregular. The color of the texture is mainly yellow. There are also orange -red, pale pink and silver white, but the proportion is less.

2. According to the quality of “window”

There are many varieties of Vientiane, the biggest difference is the quality of “window”. Including the size and texture of the window, the “window” is great. If there is no pattern variety, the color of the “window” is pure, transparent like a pool of water; the texture varieties are obvious, clear, and neatly arranged. The varieties of purple texture are rare. When purchasing unknown hybrids, we must choose to choose those with low heights and “windows”. If it is white, the texture is clear, coherent, dense, and high. The spotted Vientiane requires the spots on the branches and leaves to be uniform and reasonable, and the color is bright as the top product.

The above is a brief introduction to how to choose a fleshy elephant. For reference only, you can continue to study other choice methods!