How to choose avocado

1. Look at the color

The taste of avocado is determined by the oil content inside, and it is generally delicious to eat. Therefore, the avocado is similar to the persimmons. The longer it is put, the more delicious it tastes. Generally, those black are the best, because it is familiar. Although it doesn’t look good, it tastes delicious, so don’t pick those green ones, it will be astringent.

2. Feel feel

Generally, the delicious avocado is relatively dark, but some of the cooked avocado, which is too cooked, is also the same color, so you need to pay attention to the bad ones at this time. food. At this time, we can’t just look at the color, and we must feel the feel. If it is too hard, it is usually not delicious, so we must put it at home for a while. Another kind of too soft may be bad avocado, so you can’t buy it. When buying it, you can choose those butterous avocados that are hard and soft, so that it will be good for a few days, and it tastes particularly good.

3. Touch its rough appearance

Avocado is relatively rough, and there are many small crickets on the outside. Although it is ugly, it is only the best. If the surface is smooth and flat, it means that this avocado may have been sick before, so it cannot be eaten.

4. Pick off its fruit handle to see

When selecting, we can also look at it from its fruit handle. If the color of the convergence of the fruit handle and fruit is dark brown, it means that the avocado is broken, or it is not so fresh when it is too mature, so it cannot be eaten.

5. If there are wounds outside, you can’t buy it

When you pick it, you need to see if there is any injury on the surface of the avocado. If there are some scratches or fruit picking too hard, it can be bought if it is exposed, because it may have been broken at this time. It can’t be put or eat.