How to choose gardenia

1. The basic characteristics of gardenia flowers

First of all, let’s deepen the impression of gardenia flowers, so that you can make a bamboo in the chest when choosing? The origin of gardenia flowers is in China. It likes a warm and humid environment. It must ensure that certain light can grow normally. Acid loose soil quality. The small branches of gardenia are green, the leaves grow symmetrically, and the color is shiny. Its flowers are generally white, with short stems. The fruits are oblong and there are many seeds.

Second, the choice of gardenia flowers

1. First of all, you need to look at the roots. Some flower friends may ask, the roots of gardenias are buried in the soil, what do you think? This is very simple. Generally, the gardenia flowers on the flower market are temporarily cultivated with black and soft small flower pots. As long as you cut a small mouth on the side of this small flower pot, you can see the root. If you see you see The roots are white and tender, then you can do the next step. If you see the roots of yellowing and black, you must choose again!

2. The next step is to look at the root of the flowers below. Just hold the small flower pot and see if there is a small white root below. If so, then this pot of gardenia has passed through a summer. consider. But if not, then this is just the seedlings that are just planted, don’t consider it.

3. Finally, let’s look at the leaves. This is the easiest way. The main thing is to see if there are no withered leaves, yellow leaves, or leaves that are already rotten. one! If there is no disease leaf, it will be done, and the roots are good. This is a very good pot of gardenia!

Do you learn the above methods? I hope everyone can choose a satisfactory gardenia!