How to distinguish Qianhu Cai and Lavender


Thousands of vegetables, belonging to perennial herbaceous plants, are produced in some temperate countries. They like the environment with sufficient sunlight and good ventilation, and at the same time cold -resistant. Thousands of cauliflower’s adaptability is particularly strong. No matter what kind of soil, it can usually grow. It is more common in wetlands, rivers, grooves, and swamps. The flowers, stems, and leaves of Qianhu Cai can be used for medicine. It has the effect of stopping hemostatic and stasis. In addition, it can also treat dysentery, enteritis and other diseases.


When it comes to lavender, everyone is definitely not unfamiliar. Everyone knows that its words are “waiting for love”, full of romance and warmth. Although lavender is called grass, it is actually a kind of purple -blue flower. The lavender fragrance is unique, making people intoxicated and making people not pay attention to it. Many of our daily necessities will add lavender, especially essential oils and perfumes. At the same time, lavender can also be used to make tea, not only clearing the brain, but also beauty and beauty.

Difference between the two

The height of Qianhu Cai is between 30 cm and 100 cm. Generally, it can grow to about 1 meter, which is slightly higher than lavender. Its stems are diamond -shaped, with more branches. The leaf grows symmetrically, the length is about 5 cm, and the width is about 10 cm. The flowers of Qianyin Cai are purple-red, with long spikes, and the flowers are relatively small and growing dense. The flowering time is July-August.

Lavender likes clumps and has a lot of branches. Generally, it grows upright and changes according to the different varieties. Generally, there are two heights of 30-40 cm and 45-90 cm. Lavender will also grow to a height of 1 meter. The leaves are oval, with the tip of the leaf, and the edges of the leaves are usually rolled up. The inflorescence of lavender is scion -shaped, with a length of about 20 cm; the lower half of the corolla is like a cylinder shape, and the upper part is a bit like lip -shaped. The most common colors of lavender are purple and blue, but there are other colors of lavender, such as pink, dark purple, white, etc. The flowering time is from June to August.