How to make cherry wine

1. Choose cherry

We must choose the traces of those familiar, and the surface cannot be rotten and spots, otherwise it will affect the taste of the wine and make the taste particularly bad. Therefore It is very important.

2. Broken it

We clean the mature cherries with water first, then remove its fruit stems and the core inside, find a juicer, and then disinfect it. Do not use iron, copper and other metals. Tools and containers, then put the cherry in the juicer for crushing.

3. Appropriate fermentation

Fermentation is that we want to ferment the sugar in the cherry juice to produce some alcohol and carbon dioxide. In the process, the cherry skin does not need to be removed. Generally, the temperature is about 15 to 25 °, and then fermented with smaller containers, so that it can better heat dissipation. Generally, it can reach a temperature of no more than 32 degrees.

4. Press the juice

We can find clean gauze or cloth bags, and then squeeze it, squeeze all its juice out, and then add some sugar to it. Generally, the wine made by many people is all of the wine made by the fruits. Sweet, so according to the concept of the public, add a little sugar in the wine to prepare and prepare. Generally, add 12%to 14%sugar. When the sugar starts melting, we must use the original wine to stir and dissolve. In order to make it exuding the aroma of wine as soon as possible, we can add some white orchid wine, as well as pure water to adjust, so that the sweet and sour cherry wine will be made, but if we can let it wait in the container more For more than 2 months, it can increase its brewing time and make the wine taste more mellow.