How to make dried flowers and fruits

Election and division

Choose a large and rigid fig, rinse with water, cut off the fruct. If it is a large fruit variety, it can be cut, or one divided into two, or cut into pieces. Time, reduce energy consumption.

Pre -processing

Use alkaline solution to peel the fruits, heat the prepaid 4 % of the 4 % sodium hydroxide solution to 90 ° C, put the fruits in a stainless steel pot, keep it in the temperature of 90 ° C for about 1 minute, use the fig after picking up the fig Remember to keep rubbing and rolling in the process of cleaning a lot of water, and add dilute acid neutrality, so that the peel can fall off naturally. Remember to bring gloves during the operation to avoid corrosion of the skin. The fruits of the skin should be drained.

Pavement and dryness

The paving of raw materials needs to be uniform, remember not to shop too thick. Use the natural drying system to spread the fruit on the sun, the curtain, and drying on the sun. In the tide sunflowing field, the sunbats, stones, etc. should be used to pad the curtains, which can not only prevent moisture and improve transparent conditions.

Adopting manual drying, it is necessary to ventilate and exhaust properly while heating, so that the water evaporates, it is higher to start baking temperature, 80-85 ° C, the lower temperature is 50-55 ° C, and the drying time is generally in the drying time. 6-12 hours, the water content of dried fruits is generally about 20 %.

Back softness and packaging

After setting the dried fig dried pile on the plastic film, cover a layer of plastic film on it, it takes 2-3 days to return the soft time, then put it in the plastic food bag, seal it, then put it in the carton, and finally store it in the warehouse. The dried fruit was completed.