How to make dry flowers

1. selection of materials

Use fresh, non -rotten and selflessness, and recommend deep purple and blue (these two colors are more common, and flower shops are easy to buy). It is worth noting that when choosing not forgotten, you should choose flower buds or semi -blooming flowers. Do not choose blooming forgotten. When you are not forgotten by blooming, when you make dry flowers, the petals squeeze each other, and the finished products are not good -looking. Do not forget the color after making dry flowers, the color will not change, slightly lighter than flowers. Other materials include color paper, cake paper, ribbon, scissors, and rubber paper.

2. Price the flowers and finish and organize

Cut the should not be cut from the branch of the branch, so that each flower becomes an independent flower, which is convenient for organizing the shape in the future, and the flowers are left for 25 to 30 cm.

Third, bundle and dry

Put the trimmed not forgotten one by one. Pay attention to each angle until it becomes a hemisphere flower beam. Towns it with tape at the lower end of the bouquet of meading, find a cool and ventilated place for about half a month, and wait until the flower of the flower will change from emerald green to yellow -green. Generally, you will dry up for such a long time. Remember to hang the wind upside down. If there is no upside down, the flowers will not look good during the process of drying.

Fourth, organize styling

The air -dried should not forget to wrap the cake paper outside, and fix it in the last fixed place. Pour the colored paper into a trapezoidal, and cut it up and down into a curved. Wrap the miscellaneous paper on the outside of the cake paper, tie it with a ribbon at the lower end and beat a bow. Finally, the excess branches are trimmed neatly and you can make great achievements.

Do not forget the dried flowers in the room for a long time. The longest one year will not change color. Be careful not to be directly shot by the sun, otherwise it will fade quickly. There are friends who do n’t forget to try it at home. Do n’t try it. Do n’t forget to represent eternal memory and love.