How to raise a cross star brocade

1. Light

Cross Star Jin is a place where the sun is more well -dry and cool, so we must have to give it enough sunshine. If the sun is not enough, it will easily make it only grow.距离太长了,这样就会让它整个看起来特别的不好看,叶缘的红色也会慢慢的减退,叶杆子也会变得特别的嫩,但是如果给了它充足的阳光的话,那It’s not the same. At this time, its plants will be short and strong, and the arrangement between the stems is also very close. So it seems that the effect of light on it is still very large.

2. Soil

Generally, the fleshy plants prefer the soil with a better drainage and breathability, so the cross starry is the same, so we must pay attention when choosing the soil. Find some peat soil to mix a little perlite and corn, and then then Lay some small stones on the surface of its soil. In this way, the breathability of the soil can be better and prevent the existence of water.

3. Watering

When the temperature is generally suitable, we can water it normally, but if the temperature is high in summer, we must control the amount of watering. If it is too much watering, it will not work. Water will rot its root system. In winter, you can completely break the water, especially when you are below 5 degrees.

4. Proper trimming

In the process of growing up, it will grow a lot of chaotic branches. At this time, we must make appropriate trimming and cut it off. The shape makes it look better, so it is also very good for proper trimming.