How to raise a fleshy elephant

1. Fertilizer

Generally, we have made a lot of mistakes on the fertilizer. At first we all hope that Vientiane can grow well and grow faster, so we fertilize it a lot, and the root system will be rotten. Regret it, so you must not fertilize too much for it to grow. Generally, when it is raised, a bit of calcium -containing fertilizer is used, just a moderate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, it is not good. However, it is necessary to control the amount of fertilization and any fertilizer to choose from, so as to ensure the normal growth of Vientiane. It will not bring the opposite effect.

2. Watering

Water is not missing, but it cannot be poured frequently. When watering, you must see it before you can water it. If you do not do it, you do n’t need to water. It cannot be watered when it is particularly dry. If it is too dry, although it will not let it die, it will make it grow slowly or completely stop growing. Therefore, you must pay attention when watering, you must not be too much or too little. The amount of watering will also affect the growth of Vientiane, so you must pay great attention.

3. Light

Although Vientiane likes light, it cannot be exposed to strong light in summer, but in autumn and spring, you must choose a place with sufficient sunlight, because it is more afraid of cold, and appropriate light can make it allowed It grows faster, so it must give it sufficient light.

4. Temperature

In winter, we must put Vientiane in a relatively sunny place. The temperature is best to keep about 10 degrees. In summer, the temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees. If the temperature is too high, it should be properly cool down. The temperature in winter should not be lower than 5 degrees, otherwise it will easily lead to slow growth, so temperature is also more important for Vientiane growth.