How to raise a fleshy Qing Shengjin

Change soil

The most common way to reproduce is cuttings. It is easy to buy a pot of Qing Shengjin potted plants on the market, but in order to allow it to grow better, it is recommended that you replace the pot soil directly. You can choose the soil such as perlite and peat. If you choose cuttings, you need to operate in spring and autumn for a long time. Take a healthy plant or leaf bush, and insert it directly into the sand after a period of time.


This plant likes the sun, but it must ensure that the environmental ventilation conditions are good. It is too stuffy, and the environment may cause plants to rot. Because the plant itself is native to Africa, try to ensure that the growth temperature cannot be lower than 12 degrees Celsius. If the conditions are not allowed, it can also be placed in an environment where the soil is comfortable and dry.


The number of watering should not be too much. When the air is dry in autumn and winter and other seasons, it is often necessary to water the spraying method.


This plant grows slower every three years to ensure normal growth. The pot can be selected before the growth period, that is, the early spring and the late summer time. Essence


They have higher moisture content than other plants, so it is easy to cause infected bacteria and other plants to ulcerate without paying attention to maintenance. Therefore, to ensure the clean, dry growth environment, and spraying some agents with a small amount of bacterial breeding at a frequency frequency per month, it can effectively avoid this situation.

As for insect pests, it is mainly based on root powder. Pay attention to disinfection of pot soil. Once it really happens, remove the infringed parts, and re -cultivate after drying and disinfection.