How to raise a prodigy

1. Rizhao

Generally, in spring and summer, it is the best time it grows. At this time we can let it have a whole day of light, let it enjoy more sunlight, and promote its growth. But in the summer, it will enter the sleep slightly, so if we want to make it bloom, at this time we must let it expose the sun more, so that it can make it blossom faster. In winter, the light is relatively weak. At this time, we can choose a place where the sun is as far as possible to make it all day.

2. The frequency of watering

When watering it, we must pay attention to it. If it has not been watered for a long time, it must be remembered at this time when watering is also poured through it so that it can It meets the amount of water at the root, but if we don’t do it, we don’t need to water it at this time. As long as it is wet to keep its pot soil, it cannot be too wet.

3. Pay attention to watering in summer

When the temperature is high in summer, be sure to pay attention to the amount of watering. Generally, it is necessary to pour it 3 to 4 times a month. It also needs a small amount of water to give water on its basin. The local weather is given. In this way, it can maintain the root system and not let it dry because it is too dry. It is also necessary to strengthen ventilation so that it cannot be stuffed. In winter, if the temperature is less than 5 degrees, you must start to break the water slowly, and be less than 3 degrees. Only in this way can it be used to spend the winter safely.

4. Soil

When we choose the soil, we must choose those who are more breathable. Generally, it is necessary to mix a little corn with peat soil, so that it can be isolated by the plants from the soil. Even better, of course, when choosing the soil, you must also choose those drainability to prevent the existence of water.