How to raise Allenn meat


The two quarters of Spring and Autumn are Allen’s main growth period. They must accept sufficient light in their growth season, but when the summer high temperature reaches about 35 degrees in summer, everyone must appropriately shake it. We must try to avoid pouring it for a long time, and we cannot expose too seriously. In severe cases, they may be killed directly. Similarly, we must pay attention to put it in the environment with sufficient sunlight in winter. Xiaobian suggested that you best use the material with relatively good water drainage performance and breathable performance, which will be very conducive to its growth.

Maintenance method

First of all, I want to talk about light and maintain a sufficient sun -sun environment for the plant, but remember not to be too high in temperature, and at the same time, the plant also likes ventilation very much. Note that the temperature in winter should not be lower than 5 ° C. Important: Everyone must control the watering nodes. It is recommended to once every half a month in the summer season, and usually water once a week. Each time it should be poured through, and you should not water it every day. Then everyone said how long it is watering it, which requires everyone to judge according to the weather. Generally speaking, the weather can be poured more in a particularly hot state.


It is recommended that you wait for them to separate it when they have the ability to invent alone. Otherwise, plants are likely to get roots due to their insufficient nutrition.

Having said so much, the above are the plant knowledge brought by Xiaobian today. Hope this can help friends.