How to raise big leaf lotus palm

1. Temperature

Because it prefers a more humid place, the most suitable temperature for growth is about 25 degrees. When the temperature is high in summer, it must be properly cooled. In winter, control the temperature, and the temperature cannot be more than 10 degrees. Generally, it should be placed in a relatively cold place so that it can make it allow it Grow better, so be sure to control the temperature.

2. Light

It prefers a little brighter, so it must be given appropriate light. If the light is not enough, it will easily make its plants grow long, causing the shape of the entire plant to look good, the color of the leaves is not beautiful, and it is easy to cause the leaves to fall. So one must have enough light. However, when the temperature is high in summer, it cannot be exposed to too strong. It should be appropriately obstructed to the sun, and other times can be fully illuminated. In winter, the light of the sun is relatively weak, and we must move it to the sun as much as possible.

3. Watering

Although it prefers a humid environment, we cannot have no control watering, which will make its pot soil too wet, otherwise it will easily make it rotten. So generally, we just need to keep it moist in the pot soil, but we cannot let it rain forest. Watering must also be controlled while dormant in summer. In winter, the temperature is relatively low. At this time, we must also control the watering appropriately, and we can water normally in other seasons.

4. Prevent pests

Generally, large leaf lotus palms often have diseases and insects. At this time, we must use some drugs to completely eliminate those diseased insects in time, otherwise they will affect its normal growth, especially leaves, so we must pay attention to pay attention Worm damage.