How to raise cherry blossoms

Breeding method

Light and temperature

Cherry blossoms like a sunny environment, and the climate needs to be warmer. When breeding, it should be given sufficient light. The temperature should be kept high. The cherry blossoms can be cold to resist, but it is not very wind -resistant, so it needs windproof in winter.


During the growth of cherry blossoms, watering still needs to be diligent, generally drought. When planting, water should be fully watered. After that, water will be poured every 8 to 10 days to keep the soil moist, but water cannot be accumulated. After watering, it is best to loosen the soil in time. In order to reduce the evaporation of water, it can be covered with grass. After it adapts to the environment, it does not need to be covered.


Sakura fertilizer does not need to be too much. It can be twice a year, including winter fertilizer and fertilizer after flowering. After flowering, fertilizer can be applied to fertilizer such as iron sulfate. If it is a large cherry tree, you can dig acupoints and fertilize when fertilizing, so as to facilitate the absorption of fertilizers at the root.


Sakura growth is not high in soil, suitable for growing in sand or clay. The soil is loose and fertile, but note that cherry blossoms are not resistant to saltine.



Cherry blossoms should pay attention to trimming. In addition to trimming branches that affect growth, such as diseased insect branches and withered branches, they also need to trim excess branches according to their growth. When trimming, you need to pay attention to disinfect the wound in time to prevent bacteria invasion and rot the plant.

Breeding method

The reproduction of cherry blossoms uses sowing, breeding and cutting propagation, and cultivating multiple matches. It is better to use mountain cherry blossoms or cherry wood to use cherry blossoms or cherry wood during grafting. It can be cut in late March and buds in late August.


In the growth cycle, cherry blossoms have red spiders and sedates. They can use drugs such as enemy divisation to kill insects, but pay attention to prevent drug damage.