How to raise Cui Yuncao

Breeding method


The soil breeding of Cui Yuncao is best to have good water permeability and looseness, and it must be rich in humus. In short, the more the soil’s characteristics are closer to the soil in natural wet areas, the more conducive to its growth. If you want to mix the soil yourself, you can use the equal amount of corruption soil, loam soil, and plain sand to prepare.

Water and fertilizer management

Watering: Cui Yuncao needs a lot of water and high humidity during the growth period, so choosing water spraying methods can also sprinkle water on the ground at the same time to increase the humidity of the soil.

Fertilization: During the growth period, liquid fertilizer should be applied once a month. During the growth period, as long as its soil is suitable, the fertile humus soil can provide the nutrients required for normal growth.

Light temperature

Light: Cui Yuncao loves semi -yin environments. In summer, shading treatment should not be performed, and it cannot be excessively light.

Temperature: Its most suitable growth temperature is between day and day between 21 to 26 ° C, between 10-15 ° C at night. Therefore, in the summer and winter seasons, it is necessary to deal with it appropriately. Its lowest winter temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. If you lower this temperature, you need to keep some measures for insulation.

Breeding method

Cuiyuncao can be reproduced in the way of divisions and cuttings.


Avoid direct light

Cuiyuncao is happy with a semi -yin environment. Long -term strong light irradiation will not only burn the leaves, but also cause the plant to die due to lack of water. Summer must be shaded, whether you are in the south or in the north. Summer is very hot and strong.

Common disease

Common diseases of Cui Yuncao are leaf spots. It can be sprayed with 50%multi -bacterial spirit 1000 times liquid.