How to raise flame orchids

1. growth habit

First of all, let me introduce some of the growth habits of Flame Orchids. This is very important for breeding. Please study carefully. Flame orchid is a plant that likes the sun, but it can also carry the severe cold. Its soil requirements are not too high, the drainage and loose and fertile sandy loam soil is most suitable for its growth. Meet the needs of growth. Flame orchids are usually growing in places such as ditch or rocks. The flowering time is in spring and summer.

2. Points of breeding

1. Planting: Flame Orchid is a plant that grows in creeping. Its vines are relatively powerful. Before planting, we must plow up the soil with sufficient base fertilizer. When planting, pay attention to the depth of 5 cm. The planting was blooming in June of the year, but the smaller one would bloom in the next year.

2. Temperature: The temperature for the growth of Flame Orchids is between 18 degrees and 35 degrees. In winter, it needs to be placed indoors to cultivate. Generally, if the temperature is appropriate, the flame orchid has no dormant period.

3. Light: Flame flowers prefer sunlight, and require strong light, but if you grow on the tree, you must avoid strong sunlight. Otherwise, its leaves will become yellow!

4. Water: The growth of Flame Orchid needs a lot of water, and the soil should be kept moist during the normal maintenance process. In addition, it is often sprayed with water on the air on its leaves. Between 70%and 80%.

5. Fertilizer: The growth period of Flame Orchid takes half a month to apply fertilizer. When the flowering period is close to it, pay attention to increasing phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

6. Diseases and insect worst prevention: Its main disease is flower and leaf disease, but it is generally not too serious. The main manifestation is that spots and spots on the leaves. Tender leaves may be necrotic. Burning the damaged plant, otherwise it may be infected with each other to aggravate the condition!