How to raise fleshy red ghost city

1. Suitable temperature and light

The fleshy red ghost town prefers a more warm and dry place, and the sun must be more sufficient. Live. In addition, the Chi Gui City is more tolerated by a little and a half of the shade. For a long time, its leaves will become a green base, and it will easily grow the leaves to make the leaves long, and the rod of the leaves becomes more fragile. In the summer, it is necessary to perform appropriate shading to avoid it from being exposed to exposure.

2. Use of water and fertilizer

Chi Gui City is more resistant to drought and drought. When the temperature is high in summer, it will be dormant in a short time, but the time will not be particularly long. So we can give it water throughout the summer. As long as its root system is good, there will generally not be any problems, but it should be noted that in summer, you must avoid the punch, otherwise it will be easily rotten, so you must pay attention.

3. Soil selection

The quality of the Red Ghost City has high requirements for the quality of the soil. Generally, we need to find some soils that are more fertile and can drain well. Generally, we can choose mixed muds mixed with cornography, or vermiculite. Just breathe, and then we can put a layer of river sand on the top of the soil.

4. Necessary reproduction

When it is appropriate, we must make the necessary reproduction, so at this time we can cut the cuttings of beheading in the spring, insert it, or take some healthy leaves to insert it. Put it in a slightly wet picture and put it in a more cool and ventilated place, and then it will slowly grow new leaves, so in the process of raising Do these two methods.