How to raise Jin Rong

Breeding method

Sprinkling Jin Rong is a tropical plant with high temperature, humid environment, and growing sunshine, so it requires a certain way to breed Jin Rong.

Selection of soil

The soil required for the growth of Jin Rong is fertile and has good moisturizing ability. When potted, you must choose the cultivation soil or the eruption soil. In this way, the sprinkle will absorb the nutrition in the soil and help grow.

Growth temperature and humidity

Sprinkling Jin Rong is a kind of plant that likes high temperature and humidity. When breeding the Jin Rong should ensure the appropriateness of temperature. Generally, in spring and summer, the temperature should be kept between 20 to 30 degrees. Besium below 15 degrees, otherwise the leaves of the sprinkler will be yellow and frozen, which will severely cause the leaves to fall off.

Golden Rong likes humidity and is afraid of drought, so it is necessary to give sufficient water, and spray water on the surface of the leaves to keep bright and bright. Pay attention to the amount of watering in winter, and grow semi -dry and semi -wet to the soil or keep dry.

Growing light

Golden Rong likes the sun, so it also requires sufficient sunshine to grow. To ensure that sufficient light will make the leaves grow lush and bright in color. Lack of light will cause the leaves to yellow, dim or even drop.


Watering process

During the growth period of the sprinkler, because the leaves grow rapidly and need a lot of water, they need to water enough water. Pay attention to reducing the number of watering and watering in winter.


Golden Rong should be fertilized once a month during the growth, and fertilization was stopped until winter.


The pruning of Jin Rong should be carried out in the dormant period in winter. The trimming part is pests, dry or dense branches, and cut these places to ensure the healthy growth of the entire plant.

Prevention and treatment

The most common pests and insect pests in Jinyong are black mold and anthracnose. Pay attention to the two diseases of the sprinkler Jinyong, which will have yellow leaves and gray mold, and weak growth. It can be sprayed with 600 times liquid with 50%multi -bacterial wettable powder.

Pay attention to reducing the incidence, pay attention to ventilation and gas, and ensure that the sprinkler can breathe fresh air. If the ventilation is poor, the phenomenon of the pests of the garaphs and red spiders will occur. Sprinkle 1000 times liquid.