How to raise Luo

Looperic breeding method:


It requires sufficient sunlight during its growth, but in summer, it still needs to avoid the Jiaoyang at noon;


The best growth temperature is between 18 degrees and 20 degrees, so in summer, you must choose well -breeding and semi -shading places; its ability to protect the cold is strong. Even if it is cultivated in the north The measures can be. But if you have been breeding in the greenhouse, do not transplant the outdoor in winter.


After just sowing, it is necessary to keep the soil a certain humidity, which is conducive to emergence, and the soil in daily life can be maintained. In fact, it is very drought -resistant, but it should not be watered for a long time.


When it grows to 30 cm high, it is necessary to settle and let it grow up, so that it can make it better grow;


The above is potted planting or indoor farming. If it is planted directly in the courtyard, the maintenance method is simpler, and it will still grow normally without any effort to take care of it. If the wild varieties dug from the mountains and the wild, you only need to grow into the empty land and let it grow. It will also wrap all other plants to death.