How to raise oil dot lily

The temperature and light of the oil point lily

The suitable temperature for the growth of the oil dot lily is about 20-30 ° C. When the temperature is lower than 10 ° C, it will stop growing. Therefore, it must be kept insulation in winter to safely overwinter.

Oil Lily likes to grow up with sufficient light. The light is closely related to the growth form. The more sufficient light, the shorter the plants are fat. If the light is insufficient, the plant will grow. During the maintenance process, it can be observed to determine whether the light is provided with sufficient light. If the new leaves are larger than the old leaves and the color is lighter, it means that the plants are insufficient, and it needs to be moved to a more sufficient place in time.

Oil Lily of Fat Water Management

Oil lilies are not demand for fertilizer water. Generally, as long as you add enough base fertilizer when you change the basin, you can basically do not need to fertilize.

Oil Lily is the root of the ball. Watering can be “seeing dry and wet”. Keep the pot soil basically moist. Control the amount of water and avoid water in the pot. In summer, water can be poured every two days, or the surrounding air humidity can be increased with spray. You can also judge whether to watery by observing the growth of the blades. If the leaves of the oil lily look a little drooping, it is not as erect as in the past, and the color of the leaves can be properly watered.

The cultivation matrix and container of oil dot lily

Plant with good drainage soil, and potted plants are best to choose wide pots. It should be noted that as the plant grows, many side buds will grow, causing excessive crowded, covering each other, affecting the light and causing long -term length. Therefore, it is best to keep the divided into a beautiful look.

Oil Lily of Breeding

There are two types of oil dot lilies: divisions and sowing. Generally, the former can be selected, and the former can be carried out in spring, summer, autumn. Carefully separate the oil dot lily from the ball stem. At the same time Essence When sowing, you can use a brush to help pollination. After the seeds are mature, the seeds are selected, and the seeds are sown on the medium with good drainage.