How to raise polyn

1. Light and temperature

Because it prefers the sun and semi -yin and half -cold places, its requirements for light are not particularly high. Its physical fitness is relatively good. The temperature growing around is the best, and it should not be too low in the same winter. In spring, autumn, and winter, it is more suitable for the sunlight all day, so that it can prevent its plants from growing taller only, and the color of the leaves can be particularly bright.

2. Appropriate water

When we watered it, we waited for it to dry, then poured it through water, and maintained it in places where the half -cooled ventilation was better for maintenance. Remember to water too much. During the period of growth, we must ensure that the water is sufficient, so that the inside of the pot is humid. Even if the teeth are bite in summer and winter, it will not make that pot. Let the root system dry, and then make it easy to die.

3. The soil should be appropriate

The fleshy heart is generally low in soil. Generally, as long as the drainage of the soil is better, it is best to be loose.

4. Pay special attention when cultivating

Pochiko prefers to grow in the sun, and also prefer to take cool. It is also very tolerant to cold weather, and heat resistance and negative resistance are also relatively good, so it is particularly easy to raise it. It is a relatively good plant variety. It is best to grow around 20 degrees, and the temperature should not be too low in winter. In addition, when cultivating, we must choose the right season for cultivation. This can improve his survival rate. Generally speaking, it is better to choose it in spring. Essence