How to raise polynuts

1. Temperature

It generally prefers a more warm and sunny place, which is more cold -resistant, so the temperature is generally more suitable for about 22 to 26 degrees, but the temperature is generally appropriate if it is raised indoors. But in the summer, the temperature cannot be greater than 35 degrees, because it is very afraid of the sun, and it will enter a dormant state. So the temperature should not be too high. In winter, the temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees, because it is more resistant to cold, and it is okay at other times, because the temperature in spring and autumn is just right.

2. Light

Usually it prefers a little more sunlight, so we must give it sufficient sunlight. Generally, you choose some places with a longer light time. If the light is not particularly sufficient, try not to move it out. It is better to stay in the room, especially in winter, a little more sunlight, so as to make it grow better.

3. Watering

For it, the method of watering with spray will be better, and if you want to water, it is best to choose the number of watering when the sun is sufficient. Watering will play the opposite role, so that its roots can not be better absorbed. Especially in the summer, it must be controlled, because at this time it is dormant and cannot be poured too much water. And if it is in a particularly dry place, you can water more.

4. Fertilization

In summer, it generally does not need to be fertilized, but if there is conditions in winter, I can give it a little fertilizer every month. Remember to use a little bit thinner, not too thick. In the growing period, then we usually apply once a month, so that it can meet the nutrients it needs and grow better.