How to raise potted figs

Growth environment

The root system of figs is relatively developed. You can choose a large cultivation container such as large tile cylinders. At the same time, it also requires larger growth space, which is suitable for more open places such as balcony and courtyard.


Generally, we can determine the amount of watering according to the growth status of potted fruits and leaves. In spring, when the branches and leaves begin to germinate, the amount of watering is less and keep the pot soil moist. As the temperature gradually increases, the branches and leaves begin to grow. When it enters the fruiting period, the amount of watering needs to be increased, and the water needs to be poured once in the morning and evening. If the watering is not timely, it often leads to the decline of the flowers and leaves of the flowers without flowers, and the fruit loss. After entering the mature period of the autumn fruit, the amount of watering should be reduced, and excessive water can easily cause the fruit cracking. Pay attention to rainy weather not only to control watering, but also pay attention to water in the basin, and avoid waterlogging.

Soil and fertilizer

Figs are not high in soil, and potted flowers are suitable for cultivation. When planting or changing pots, it is necessary to add organic fertilizer such as rotten cake fertilizer to the pot soil, which is conducive to making flowers and fruits and leaves lush and early fruit.

Pruning work

The growth rate of the new shoots of flowers figs is fast. In daily maintenance, you need to pay attention to the timely trimming and plastic surgery. For potted flower figs, if the trunk is too high, it can easily affect its aesthetic level and also increase the difficulty of usually maintenance. Therefore, potted flower figs must limit its trunk to a suitable height and not allow it to grow. The specific method is as follows. When the trunk of the seedlings grows to about 20 cm, the head tip is cut off to promote the germination of branches. According to personal preferences, trim the shape to increase the value of ornamental.

Wintering measure

Figs are not cold -resistant, so before entering winter, potted flowers must be moved into the room in time. The place where the indoor maintenance places are suitable for the sun, such as the balcony and the living room. The growth of figs in winter gradually stagnated and entered the dormant period. At this time, it was reasonably watered according to temperature. When the room temperature is high, you can pour more water. If the room temperature is about 5 ° C, the water needs to be controlled to keep the pot soil slightly dry, which is conducive to the safe and wintering of flowers and pots.