How to raise potted peony flowers

Shade during flowering

During the flowering period of peony flowers, it is not appropriate to shade. During this period, if it is not properly shadeed, it will be exposed to the sun, which will cause the flowering period of peony flowers to be greatly shortened, and the flowers that are blooming will still lose their gloss, which will cause the peony’s ornamental to decrease Essence

Out of the room

When the peony flower is in spring, it should not be out of the room prematurely. In spring, although the temperature has slowly started to pick up, sometimes low temperature weather will occur. The normal flowering time of peony flowers is actually April -May, depending on the temperature of maintenance. If the peony flower is prematurely out of the room, once it encounters a low temperature, it will stop its flower buds from growing or even falling off, and severe plants will die.

Soil cannot accumulate water

The peony flower itself is a meat root, and he is more afraid of water. When breeding peony flowers, if there is too much watering, it will easily cause rotten roots and affect the growth and flowering of plants. When watering the peony flowers, be sure to pay attention to the timely and appropriate amount to ensure that the soil is slightly moist, and drainage should be strengthened in the rainy season.


Reasonable trimming is a must -have process for peony flowers. Improper trimming will lead to small peony flowers and dim colors, and they will be deforms. When trimming the peony flowers, it should be said that the bud buds should be cut off, retaining the side buds, and cut off the residual flowers after the flowers to avoid nutrient consumption.

Prevent diseases and insect pests

When breeding peony flowers, diseases and insect pests should not occur, which will cause many adverse consequences, and plants will even die. The common pests of peony flowers include gray mold, coccusions, rust and white silk diseases, as well as the harm of paulse insects, thorn moths and underground pests, which require timely control.