How to raise potted purple bamboo

Plant habit

Before you introduce how to raise it, first understand its characteristics. First of all, it likes a warm and humid environment. In addition, its cold resistance is relatively strong and has strong adaptability to the climate.

specific measure

Pot and soil:

These are the first two things to prepare. The pot we choose is the best purple sand pot. As for the soil, although this plant does not have much requirements for the soil, it is still good to pay attention to it. We’d better choose those sandy soil with better drainage performance. , And then mix some eggshells, the effect is very good.


Just after the potted plants are completed, we have to pour water. We said above that it likes wet soil, so the watering of the soil must not be too much, and to keep the soil moisturizing. Especially in summer, the frequency of watering at this time is best once or twice a day, otherwise the leaves of the plant may be curled up. However, of course, it cannot be watered without seductive land. If too much, the plant will also cause rotten roots. In addition, when the temperature is particularly high, you can also sprinkle some water on the leaves of the plant.


This kind of plant is best placed in a place where the astigmatism is sufficient, and the balcony or the window sill facing the south is okay. Can’t let it be in a cool and dry place for a long time.

Pests and insect pests:

Generally speaking, plants are relatively small when they are pests and insect pests, but they also appear, such as aphids, coal pollution diseases, etc. At this time, the potion should be sprayed in time. In addition, don’t forget to cut off the diseased leaves and diseases to avoid harming other parts of the plant.