How to raise sauce grass

Breeding method

Soil selection

Sauce grass generally requires soil quality and organic soil. If it is sandy land, its growth rate is very rapid. Because this kind of plant is similar to the vegetables we often eat, the top soil ability is poor, so the soil must be loose. Seeds need to be buried at about 20 cm from Pingdi.


In order to ensure the quality of sauce, do not apply pesticides during the planting process, it is best to apply organic fertilizer. It is not only once applied. If you want to grow well, it is recommended that you fertilize before and after watering. It is best to fertilize before watering to absorb growth. Because the sauce grass can be harvested once many times, it is like cutting leeks. Don’t even cut the leek roots, so it is best to apply fertilizer after harvesting to grow.


Although the sauce grass is also more resistant to drought, it is critical to watery. When are the specific watering? After the first sowing, deep watering is needed to quickly sprout. Watering needs to be watered after the seedlings, but not too much.

If it is possible to rot the roots in the rainy season, drainage measures need to be done around. It is also necessary to clean up the weeds around it in time to prevent the grass from the organic fertilizer and moisture of defeating the sauce. In summer, high temperatures need to be irrigated to prevent drought and yellow. After the harvest is completed, watering is required to make the new seedlings emit.


Sauce grass can breed through seeds, and the rhizomes are similar to strawberries, which can develop horizontally. So when planting, there is some distance between each tree, because it grows out of itself. The distance between each tree is 25-30 cm.


You may have tasted the flavor of Shanzhen, but you may not have tasted this kind of game, so I will talk about the food of this grass by the way. It is best to use boiling water in the pot slightly, and then dry the water on it to cool it. Speaking of this, Xiaobian Hara is about to come down. It can also be made to stir -fry, similar to the practice of garlic. Don’t worry about how to plant it now!

Xiao Bian’s breeding technology of Sauce Grass today is here. Do you have any questions? Come and get cultivated with me!