How to raise seven -leaf tree

Seven -leaf tree breeding method

Light and temperature

The breeding of the seven -leaf tree should be carried out according to its growth habits. First of all, the seven -leaf tree requires sufficient light, so the seven -leaf tree should be placed in a sunny place. The growth of the seven -leaf tree requires fertile and deep, well -drained soil, and the temperature of growth must be warm. Of course, the seven -leaf tree is also cold. Air frostbite.

Watering and fertilization

Seven -leaf tree should be watered immediately after planting, and then watering the second water after a week, and the third watering should be carried out on the 10th day after the second watering. After the three water, pour the big water once a month, and you can pour it through.

In the growth period of entering the plant, a small amount of water should be poured in June to August in June to August, and once again per month per month in late autumn, wait until the early winter pour water transparency, stop watering after entering the winter, and then again in March of the year. Watering frozen water, so it is necessary to pour a lot of water in March. Watering in spring should be frequently watered to keep the growing environment of the plant.

Fertilizer: Seven -leaf tree likes good fertilizer. During the planting of the seven -leaf tree, use beef and horses’ feces or rotten leaf fertilizer for base fertilizer for base fertilizer.

During the growth of the seven -leaf tree, urine fertilizer can be applied in June of the first year to promote the growth of branches and leaves. At the end of August, use phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to fertilize to increase the anti -freezing damage capacity of the seven -leaf tree. The amount of fertilization should be large.


Seven -leaf tree breeding generally uses sowing method. First, collect the seeds on the strong mother tree and be harmless. It is dry until it is dry and wet the seeds in the soil with good water and drainage. Pay attention to leaving wind holes.

Wait until the end of March in spring, choose a fertile and well -drained neutral sandy soil planting with an point broadcast method. After planting, keep the soil moist, often remove grass and loose soil.

Precautions for seven -leaf tree breeding


During the breeding period, we must pay attention to the pests of the seven -leaf tree. The common pests of the seven -leaf trees are: green thorn moths, copper green turtles, golden caterpillars, mulberry cows, etc., pay attention to prevention.


Pay attention to trimming the seven -leaf tree. It is performed before the winter or spring germination after the seven -leaf tree deciduous or spring. Cut the long branches and trim it into a natural round head shape.


Because the seven -leaf tree grows fast and the nutrient consumption is large, it is changed once a year to ensure sufficient nutrition.