How to raise silver fan grass

The best growth temperature:

It can be between 8 degrees and 28 degrees. Its ability to resist cold and resistance to heat is not strong, so it should be cultivated in the living room in winter, but if it is the weather in the south, it can be placed in the room. When the temperature is too high in summer, it is necessary to cool it artificially. You can use a small electric fan. Put it directly in the air -conditioned room to breed.

Demand for sunlight:

The high temperature in summer is plus the sun exposure, which is very unfavorable to its growth, so it is necessary to choose to cultivate in the shade in summer to isolate the strong light. However, in addition to summer, it must grow in other seasons to grow in plenty of sunlight, especially after September, sunlight is one of the indispensable factors in its growth. And if you want to plant, you can also be carried out after September.

Demand for water:

In summer, if the pot soil is humid, this can easily cause it to rot. At the same time, do not choose in summer. The humidity of the soil is slightly unfavorable, and it will die to you. As long as you keep the surface of the pot soil daily. But after planting or transplantation, water must be poured.

The best way to reproduce:

Seed reproduction, the method of seed reproduction is very simple. It can be broadcast live. After sowing, only 15 degrees to 20 degrees temperature and water can be poured at the same time. It can be sprouted in about 1 to 4 days. The germination speed is very fast.