How to raise silver pulse tiger orchid

Light requirements

As a home potting, it is suitable for warm and dry and light environment. If the sun is fine, they can maintain good growth. When the temperature is relatively high in summer, the sun should be prevented from direct sunlight. You need to place it in a shade place. The surface of the blade can be sprayed properly. In other seasons, you can contact the sun a lot. Watering can be fully watered when the growth period is strong. In autumn and winter, you can put it on a balcony or indoor maintenance in the light. Watering must be controlled, and the soil in the pot must be dry.

Soil requirements

The adaptation ability of Yinmai Huwei orchid is very strong, and the requirements for soil are not high. You can use more loose and fertile ordinary gardens. You can also use sandy soil with better drainability. You can add a small amount of chicken manure to make its bottom fertilizer or pour more organic liquid fertilizers. It grows rapidly and vigorously. It must be changed once in about two years, and it needs to be carried out in spring when changing the pot.

Temperature requirements

The growth temperature of the silver pulse tiger tail orchid is suitable for 20 to 30 ° C, and the temperature in winter should be controlled at about 10 ° C. However, it cannot be stayed in an environment below 10 ° C for a long time, otherwise the root of the plant will rot and cause the entire plant to die. As long as the indoor temperature can be kept above 18 ° C, Huwei orchid does not sleep in winter to grow normally. When watering, control the number of times, and try to ensure that the pot soil is better to dry.

Through the above points, let us basically master the maintenance process of Yinmai Tigerwei Orchid. As long as you can keep the pot frequently, you must also ensure sufficient light. During the maintenance process, you should also pay attention to spraying de -bacterial drugs, and often use water to help it scrub the dust of the leaves to keep the leaves clean and bright, which can ensure the healthy growth of it.