How to raise succulent and high sand

1. Pottic soil

It is recommended to use peat mixed particles to be mixed with river sand evenly on the soil of Gaosha. It is also covered with a layer of clean river sand on the surface of the soil, so as to ensure its breathability.


Under normal circumstances, the pot is changed once for two years. The diameter of the pot is at least ten centimeters larger than the diameter of the plant, so as to ensure that it grows stronger.

3. Fertilization

Gaosha is not high in fertilizer. Usually, it is not necessary to fertilize too much. It is generally recommended to apply long -acting fertilizer once a quarter. Do not fertilize in summer.

4. Watering

In summer, the growth of this plant is particularly slow. At this time, you can not water or water less. You need to keep the soil slightly dry. However, after the temperature drops in September, watering will be restored. In the summer, pay attention to the rain for a long time, otherwise it will rot. Although the temperature is relatively low in winter, watering is still necessary. You can give it a little water at the root of its roots. Do not spray or water in large quantities. In the spring and autumn, the temperature is more suitable. Watering can determine the situation depending on the situation. Generally, it is based on the principle of not doing it without drying.

Five. Light

Gaosha’s Weng likes the sun. In the summer, it can accept all -day photos. Only with sufficient light can it make it more beautiful and beautiful. The leaves that lack the sun will be loose, and the color of the leaves will be shallow, which will affect the beauty.

6. Temperature

The most suitable temperature for Gaosha is 15 degrees to 25 degrees. In summer, you need to do a good job of cooling and ventilation.

seven. Reproduce

Its reproduction is mainly branches or leaf insertions. It can be carried out all year round. As long as the method is proper, the survival rate is relatively high.

The above introduction is about how to raise the meat and high sand. Do you think it is gained? Interested friends may wish to try a pot of breeding!