How to raise succulents with fog ice jade

The growth habit of fog ice jade

Fog Bingyu likes the environment with sufficient sunlight, resistant to semi -yin, avoid waterlogging, and has the habit of dormant in summer. It can resist low temperature, but when the temperature is lower than 4 degrees, frostbite and leaves will be frozen. As long as the soil is kept dry, the sphere in the buried soil is not easy to be frostbite.

Fog Bingyu’s light

In the growing season of fog Bingyu, you need to ensure that the light is sufficient, and it is best to keep it in the sun room. Because the lack of light can make its stems and leaves grow long, the leaves of plants that get sufficient light will be relatively compact, and the fluff is also very beautiful.

At high temperatures in summer, the fog ice jade completely stops growing into the dormant period.

Water management of fog ice jade

In the growth period of the fog ice jade, keep the pot soil is basically moist, but avoid waterlogging. In summer, high temperature weather should be avoided, watering and watering, and doing a good job of ventilation to avoid rotting sphere. The temperature in winter is about 4 degrees, and watering should be reduced slowly. Basically break the water throughout the winter.

Soil cultivation of fog ice and jade

Fog Bingyu’s requirements for soil are not high, and the matrix can be mixed with a small amount of peat, which is mainly breathable.

Misty Bingyu’s reproduction method

Generally, sowing and reproduction is generally used as ordinary ball roots. Under low temperature conditions, the seed germination rate is acceptable.