How to raise sun flowers

1. Soil:

The sun flower is easy to feed, and the soil conditions are not picky. As a family -style plant, the soil of ordinary flower pot is selected, and bean slag fermentation can be used as the basic fertilizer of soil.

Second, light:

Sunflower is suitable for growing in the place where the sun is often exposed to ensure sufficient sunlight, and it is leafy.

Three, temperature:

Sunflower is derived from South America and Brazil. It likes warmth and the sun. The choice of sowing temperature is about 18 ° C in spring and autumn; when the temperature is controlled at 21-24 ° C, it can germinate. About a week later, the small sprouts grew seedlings. As the temperature gradually increased, the seedlings gradually grew up.

Fourth, watering:

Although the sun flowers like warm and sun, in the hot summer, you should often check the Huapeng bottom cover and check the breathability of the flower pot. Water permeability should be watered every day.

Five, insect pests:

The vitality of the sun is tenacious. Generally, there is no pest problem. When planting, you only need to make preventive spraying before germination.

Six, fertilization:

Sunflower is also a kind of environmentally friendly plant. It does not require too much fertilization to ensure that fertilizer is applied every two weeks. Putting it every day in a place where the sun is sufficient, it can make it colorful and colorful beautiful scenery.

When fertilizing, take about 2 grams of phosphorus fertilizer in the cannon, add a lot of water to make it dissolve in the water, dilute its concentration, so that its concentration is less than 5th of thousands, so that the fertilizer concentration will not be guaranteed, causing burning, and burning will be burned. Seeds may cause plant death.

If you don’t have much time and energy to cultivate plants at home, but if you want to go home every day, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the balcony, then the sun flower is your good choice, then you must remember the golden laws of the golden law these days. Essence