How to support Ji Zhichuan

1. Soil

Its succulent plant generally prefers the soil with better breathability and better drainage, so we must pay attention when choosing the soil. Generally, we all find some peat soil to mix a little perlite and add a little cog slag. The purpose of this way is to separate its plants from the surface of the soil, so that the soil can be more breathable. We can also spread a thin layer of clean river sand or on the surface of its soil. pumice. So the soil is also very important, and it can make it grow better.

2. Water

When we water it, we must remember that if it is dry, then we must also pour it through it when watering. When we are dormant in summer, we usually pour about three times a month, and we must not pour too much, and then we can give some water on the side of its basin so that it can make it allow it The root system will not die because it is too dry. When watering, be sure to pay attention to the leaves of the leaves, which can not have water residues, otherwise it will make it easy to produce bacteria and rot. In winter, if the temperature is less than five degrees, then it will start to break the water slowly at this time. If it is less than 3 degrees, you don’t need to water it. You must keep the pot soil dry. When watering, you should also pour it into the soil as much as possible. So watering is also very important.

3. Sunlight

In spring and autumn, it is when it grows very fast. At this time we can make a whole day of light to allow it to absorb more sunlight. If the sun should be properly blocked in summer, it cannot be exposed to the sun. The light in winter is weaker, so we must move it as much as possible to the sun. More sun.