How to trim winter green

Pruning time

The tender sprouts of winter green grows very quickly, and many tender buds are drawn out every year. Therefore, Dongqing is a very resistant to trim. Do not worry about excessive trimming will affect the growth of plants.

In summer, there are many green branches and leaves in winter, and they are relatively strong, so it can be trimmed in summer. In the autumn, it can be trimmed into the ideal shape according to the image design. At this time, in addition to the shape of Dongqing, it is also necessary to give Dong Qing Shu Shu.

Pruning site

We generally trim the fine -bearing branches with weaker winter green growth. Generally, the whole branch will be cut off about one -fifth. Only the flower bud part is retained, and the flower branches at the top of the winter green tree crown in an appropriate amount will be kept.

We can also trim a suitable shape according to the needs of the garden. Generally, it is necessary to carry out appropriate trimming according to the growth of winter and the crown shape. When trimming, we can cut the winter Qing Qing to its ideal height. It can grow into a suitable form size and appear more natural.

After trimming the ideal shape for Dongqing, it is necessary to trim the newly growing new branches on a regular basis, because Dongqing’s growth ability is very strong. If it is not trimmed in time, the winter green shape that has been made will be easily destroyed.

When trimming, pay attention to trimming some side branches to increase the light transmission and ventilation of winter green, which can prevent pests from breeding.

Maintenance after trimming

After pruning the branches, the winter green trees will have a wound. We must pay attention to prevent wound infection, which causes the diseased disease of the winter green tree. The incision infection can easily cause the wet disease of the winter green tree. The drug should be used for treatment in time. You can apply a little lime to prevent infection in the wound.