Huang Lan’s breeding method and precautions

Plants’ habits and characteristics

Let’s first understand its habits, which helps us to know how to do. First of all, it likes to grow in warm and humid places, and also requires sufficient sunlight. In addition, it has high requirements for moisture, neither drought nor tolerance. Secondly, it is not cold, and the temperature of the winter is best controlled above five degrees.

specific method


This factor is mainly related to its winter problem. If you want it to spend the winter safely, the temperature is the key factor. Therefore, do not forget to move it indoors to maintain in areas with low temperature in winter. We have said the lower temperature limit. In addition, although there are generally no problems in summer, it is also not good, and it will also have a certain impact on it, so it is necessary to take appropriate ways to cool down.


From the perspective of the habit, it is good for the sun. However, this does not include the time when the summer is empty, and the proper shade at this time is wise.


We can see from the above description that its requirements for water are very harsh. Therefore, this requires us to pour through every time we water it, and then wait for the soil to dry and then water the next time. In summer, when the most water is needed, you can pour once in the morning and evening, and you can often sprinkle some water on the leaves.


The peak growing season has the most demand for fertilizer. It must be applied once in about two weeks. You can do it with watering. After entering winter, don’t fertilize.


When it is rainy in summer, if the plant is just outdoors, don’t forget to pour the stagnant water.

When fertilizing, pay attention to the balance of various elements, and the concentration should not be too high.