Yellow Bell Flower\’s Breeding Method


Potted yellow bell flowers are preferably fertile sandy soil. It requires soil to be loose and well drained, which can increase some elastic leaf soil and make it rich in humus.

Light and temperature

Huang Zhonghua likes the growing environment with sufficient sunshine. During the growth period, it is required to be sufficient. If the light is insufficient, it will make the plant of Huang Zhonghua grow long and will reduce flowering. The suitable temperature for the growth of yellow bells is between 15 ° C -25 ° C. In summer, it is more afraid of high temperature. When the temperature is too high, it will enter dormant. When the temperature is low in winter, you need to keep the insulation. The temperature of the winter should not be lower than 5 ° C.

Watering and fertilization

Huang Zhonghua likes a moist growth environment. It requires sufficient water supply. It will grow poorly under drought conditions, but they are more afraid of waterlogging. Watering can be poured once a day in spring and autumn, reducing watering in winter, and controlling watering during half dormant in summer. Fertilization should follow a certain law, apply sufficient base fertilizer before planting, and fertilize each to two months during the growth period. When fertilizing, it is necessary to control the application of nitrogen fertilizer during the growth period to prevent the plant from growing. The flowering and potassium fertilizer should be applied to promote flowers.

Precautions for the cultivation of Huang Zhonghua


During the growth period, Huang Zhonghua needs to be trimmed, which is to make it better. In the early spring of each year, trim the branches, and cut off the upper part of the yellow bell flower after the flowers, and combined with fertilization to promote the yellow bell flowers to make new branches and bloom again.

Way of breeding

The reproduction of Huang Zhonghua can be performed by sowing and cutting, which is more suitable for spring and autumn. However, breeding is mainly sowing breeding.