Is ginger flowers blooming ginger flowers?


The stems of ginger flowers are usually 1-2 meters high, straight and upright.The leaves are smooth and lanceolate, 20-40 cm long, 4.5-8 cm wide.Ginger flowers are white and pleasant. There are 2-3 flowers in each bract, with long heart-shaped lips, and the base is slightly yellow.


Ginger flowers are suitable for a slightly hidden environment with high temperature and high humidity. The soil should be selected for slightly acidic nutrient -oriented sandy loam soil.When the cold winter arrives and the temperature reaches below 10 ° C, the above part of the ginger flower will gradually wither, and the underground ginger can be dormant and winter.

Main value

Because of its beautiful appearance, Jianghua looks pleasing to the eye, which is one of its values.Not only that, they play a role in decorative space in daily life.

Way of breeding

Ginger flowers can be sexually reproduced and non -propagated, and they are generally more common in a split way.In the warm and suitable growth season, the divisions are intercepted on mature plants, and then it can be operated after planting.

I believe that everyone has read the above introduction. I have a relatively comprehensive understanding of ginger flowers, and I will never bloom with ginger flowers with ginger.