Is the pig cage blossoming, okay?

Pig Cage Flower

The pig cage will bloom, and its inflorescence is the total inflorescence or cone inflorescence in the infinite inflorescence;

A flower shaft of about 20-40 cm long is growing on the top of the stem, and there are almost equal small flower stalks on it, and each small flower stalk has one or more small flowers.

The number of flowers is different, and most of them can reach hundreds of flowers.

Therefore, pig cages are blooming, and the flowering is very lush. The flowering period is generally when the dry season is about to end.

Is the pig cage flowering flowing?

There is no ornamental value of pig cage grass, and people will not use it to make ornamental flowers in the garden or in the flower bed for viewing;

Because the flowers of pig cages are small and bland, the colors are more ordinary, and it can even be said to be ugly. Of course, there are a small number of varieties of flowers.

It is said that the flowers of pig cage grass will make a more unpleasant taste when you sleep at night, and there will be a little fragrance during the day, but it is not very good, so you should not cultivate indoors as much as possible to avoid affecting your you. Smell, hinder good sleep;

You can keep it on the garden balcony or the courtyard, and make a strange flower for viewing. It is also unique.

Whether the pig cage grass blooms and flowers, okay, small