Is the small hibiscus suitable for raising at home?

Can Xiaoshi be raised at home?

The answer is okay. Although it is relatively convenient to plant in the courtyard, since you like it, it is a bit difficult to overcome. In addition, because they are not toxic and do not cause harm to our bodies. However, it is not suitable for being placed indoors because it likes light, so it must be placed in the courtyard or balcony.

Breeding method


We have also said that this plant is very happy. If you want to raise well at home, light is naturally a very important factor. In addition to paying attention to its placement location, it is also necessary to pay attention to when it is not suitable for light. I believe everyone also understands that noon in midsummer is not suitable for light, just repeat it.

Pot and soil

It is mentioned above that this plant is semi -shrubs, so the space occupied may be relatively large. At this time, if you choose a pot, you need to be larger. In addition, in order to supply sufficient nutrients and to avoid trouble in the future, you can pay special attention when choosing the soil. Choose nutrient soil that can drain water and breathable. It is best not to use that sticky soil.

Water and fertilizer

Water and fertilizer are put together, because the requirements for them each season are also similar. In general, this plant is like water and fat. Do not miss these two factors when planting at home. When choosing fertilizers, you can choose organic fertilizer. However, pay attention to control these two at the same time in winter.