Is there any moss in the flower pot?

The benefits of moss in the flower pot

In fact, when the surface of the pot soil is covered with moss, in addition to the beauty of the bonsai, it can also effectively prevent the drying of the surface soil, and at the same time, the moss will not differentiate the nutrients in the soil. So you can rest assured to cultivate moss in the flower pot.

There is a disadvantage of moss in the flower pot

Because the moss covers the surface of the entire flower pot, it is impossible to see what the soil below is. At this time, if there are other plants breeding together, it is very unfavorable. If the breeding is improper and too humid, the plants will rot the roots and other diseases. When it is too dry, the plants can be dried dead.

What kind of bonsai is suitable for moss

If moss is planted as a bonsai of bonsai, you must first understand whether they like moisturizing as moss, and at the same time, whether they should be placed in a very good air flow. For plants with high breathable requirements, moss is not recommended; for plants that do not like humidity, moss in the pot is not recommended. The growth environment of moss is the best in dark humidity. It is also a good choice if it is cultivated alone. It is also one of the good landscapes in the pot.

Therefore, there is a moss in the flower pot. This depends entirely on the actual situation of the plant.