Is water Pinellia and Pinellia the same?

Different shape

Water Pinellia: 3 to 4 leaves, one of which, one of the large leaves, the others are all small leaves, the shape of the leaves is also special;

Pinellia: 2 to 5 leaves, sometimes 1 piece.

Different flowers and fruits

Water Pinellia: The flowering period of water Pinellia is from April to May, and the fruiting period is from June to August;

Banxia: The flowering period of Banxia is May to July, and the fruiting period is August.

Different efficacy

Other differences are only convenient for us to distinguish it, but the effect of medication must not be mixed.

Water Banxia is also called crazy dog ​​potato, Tian Sanqi, Pinellia, Pinellia, etc. in Chinese medicine. Don’t think that it is also the same medicinal material as Pinellia; water can treat bronchitis, cough and sputum. More, poisonous insect bite, unknown swelling poison, scabies and other diseases, can be used for external use;

半夏在各地的叫法都不同,例如山东地区则叫它为老鸦芋头、老鸦眼、无心菜、田里心等,江苏地区则称它为地星、老鸦头、野芋头、老和尚扣、 Lao Huangzui and so on, Yunnan called it Danzhu Pinellia, and Guizhou called Patsus taro fruit. It can be seen how wide the distribution of Pinellia. Symatic, vomiting nausea, sputum headache, wind and sputum dizziness, phlegm drinking, sputum and cough and asthma.

It can be seen that although they have the same name, the efficacy is different, and the country also has clearly stipulated that it is not necessary to replace Pinellia in Pinellia.