Jade Fan Variety


This thing is also called the silver fox jade fan. It has a gray color and white fine lines on it. It’s like a hoof, no wonder there is a translated name called long hair.

Bai Mengyu

This is similar to the mammoth, but don’t be confused by its name. It is not white, but the tender gray green. If Mengye is relatively stable, then this white mammoth has a sense of light fluttering.

Desertic muscle

Although this jade fan looks similar to Bai Mengyu, the color is slightly deeper than it. The texture above is also very special. Is it a bit strange like a piece of green meat? But this kind of jade fan is still very famous. Friends who do n’t know can learn about it.

Suba Gulin

This name is really difficult to remember, the name translated directly from foreign phrases, simultaneously passed on to the mouth. The leaves of this jade fan are thinner, the top is white, and the top is compact. Generally, there are more fan leaves. This is not a lot of varieties. The partners of love jade fan can go back to some research.

Bai Ya Fan

This category is relatively famous, because the fan leaves are very thick, especially compared to the above, it is almost the same as the two! They are relatively small, and they are not very clear. It seems to be applied with white brushes at will, with a freehand freedom and natural temperament. If you are fresh and refined, you can try to raise a pot.


This name is known, it really looks like a row of bats are neatly arranged. From the front, the side is not green. The color of gray and black is more like the nature of a bat, so this name is definitely the expectations!

Ghost Rock City

This kind of jade fan has to be mentioned when it is really. From the front above, there are several huge “M” combinations. The surrounding is still serrated. The difference from other varieties is still very large. Deep, close to dark green, and even a little blue.