Jinlumei’s breeding method

Plant habit

The cold resistance of this plant is very good, and it can even endure low temperatures of minus 50 degrees. It prefers soil or neutral soil with a slightly lower pH value, and also requires drainage. In addition, its demand for sunlight is relatively large. Finally, it likes to grow in a wet soil.

specific method

Humidity: Plants have certain requirements for the moisture of air, and can be controlled in the range of 50 % to seventy. It should not be too low, otherwise the leaves of the plants will become lighter, and it will turn yellow and fall off.

Light: This plant has a strong adaptability to light. If you put it in the room for maintenance, try to put it in a place where you can accept sufficient light. However, you can’t keep it in the house. After for a period of time, it is best to move it to the outdoors for a while, so that it can be alternated.

Fertilizer and moisture: In addition to adding some organic fertilizer during planting, they also need to manage fertilizer water. The three seasons of spring, summer, and autumn are the strong period of plant growth, so the frequency of watering and fertilization is correspondingly high. In winter, plants will sleep, so the frequency must be reduced.

Pruning: We said above that winter is the dormant stage of plants, so at this time we can cut off the sick branches, dead branches, thin branches, and so on. In addition, very dense branches can also be cut off properly to make its entire shape look better.

Pot changing: As the plants continue to grow, its height may become very high, so you need to change a reasonable container according to its size. In addition, the cultivation soil must be changed.