June Snowflake Period

June Snowflower

The flowers of June Snow are fine white and soft. Its flowers or several flowers grow on the top of the branch together. There are also growing under the axillary of the leaf. White, the flower columns are very long, which will protrude. The flowering period is generally between May and July each year, and the flowering period is long!

Why doesn’t June Snow blossom

In June, the snow like a warm environment, but it is afraid of strong light and light, likes good drainage, fertile and humid soil.

First of all, you may put June snow in a direct sunlight, or if you do not pay attention to shading, light for a long time, these will cause June snow to not bloom.

Followed by fertilization, you may apply less fertilizer, or the nutrients of the fertilizer are insufficient. If the fertilization time is not right, the snow will not bloom in June.

In the end, it may be that in summer, June Snow has been farming indoors and does not pay attention to ventilation and light in the room. In summer, June Snow needs to be cultivated outdoors, which helps to absorb sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis. Otherwise it will affect flowering.

June Snow Blossom Management

First of all, it is necessary to give the June snow enough light, but do not strengthen the light, or for a long time, pay attention to shading, and use the soil of rotten soil, garden soil, bran ash, and fertilizer soil for breeding. Blossom.

Secondly, fertilization should be applied in a timely manner. During the growth period, thin liquid fertilizer should be applied every 3 weeks. In summer, fertilization is not needed.

In the last summer, you only need to put the snow in June outdoors. The ventilation has light, and it must be trimmed to cut off the bars growing out of the root to avoid grabbing nutrients.

To do the above, I believe that June Snow will bloom in June, and it will make good flowers. Of course, don’t look at it simple. Remember to be careful every step!